HTML5 and JavaScript Game Development Competition in just 13 kB

Number Knight

== Game description ==
Have you ever seen this fake ad for a mobile game? You know, the one with a small knight in his tower, and you have to kill monsters from other towers.
"Number Knight" is a full complete game based on this fake ad!

Kill monsters and absorb their power to become more and more powerful!
But beware, you'll soon discover fire, water or plant monsters, and your attacks will have to be a little more tactical...

== Game content ==

- Resolve 30 levels
- Create your own levels and share them to everyone thanks to the ingame editor

== Mobile devices ==

Even if it's optimized for desktop, the game should be playable on tablets and smartphones.
But have in mind the experience is a bit degraded on small screens!

== Decentralized bonus ==

Even if you can share your own levels via the editor, you can also save them on Pinata cloud (you DON'T need an account on Pinata to use this feature).
On this external (out of the zip) page, you can set a private (and free) "Number Knight" key to save and access all your custom levels.

/!\ Because of some limitation with Pinata cloud API (it's quite slow), your level list may not be up to date. It can take some minutes to refresh correctly. /!\

In bonus, a specific URL is generated for you: everyone clicking on YOUR dedicated link will be redirected to the main game, but instead of playing the base levels they will play all YOUR levels!

== Graphics ==
Most assets are based on Kenney job (, edited by myself.
Except towers, made by BlackSpire Studio (

== Sounds ==
Sounds created via tools from Xem:


Thanks for your interest in this game, and happy playing :)

Categories: desktop, mobile, decentralized