HTML5 and JavaScript Game Development Competition in just 13 kB


- Program Music with Cellular Automata
- Export to ZzFXM and OS13k
- Share compressed links
- Instruments are customizable
- Undo and Redo
- Cut, copy, and paste
- Turing complete!

- Draw = Left Mouse
- Erase = Ctrl + Left Mouse or Left + Right Mouse
- Test Cell / Eyedropper = Right Mouse
- Move View = Click & Drag Middle Mouse
- Zoom View = Wheel
- Select Area = Shift + Left Mouse

Cell Types
- Power/Mover - Provides power to neighbor cells and moves.
- Power Line - Transfers power.
- Rotator - Rotates cells and redirects movement when powered.
- Copier - Copies and unpoweres cell when powered.
- Push Blocks - Can be pushed or not pushed.
- Stop Block - Destroys anything pushed into it when powered.
- Note - Plays a note when powered and holds until unpowered.
- Note Control - Changes the key or attenuation of conneted notes.

Selection Controls
- R/E = Rotate
- Q = Mirror
- WASD = Move

Categories: desktop

Feedback from the experts

Jupiter Hadley: Really impressive sound machine!

Björn Ritzl: Absolute genious! I really look forward to seeing what people will be able to create with this! Is there already some place where people can share their creations?

Michelle Mannering: OMG it's like scrabble! Great instructions, good documentation, and nice work thanking everyone. Neat way to gamify music creation. Nice work. I'm not very musical so not my thing, but well done on all the programming. The exporting etc. is a great concept and much needed in something like this.