HTML5 and JavaScript Game Development Competition in just 13 kB


Noegnud is a tiny dungeon crawler in which you started with a randomly skilled hero on the bottom most floor. After every second finished round you'll have to remove one of your skills and make it all the BACK to the top of the dungeon.

Please note that you can ONLY play it on mobile browsers.

Categories: mobile

Feedback from the experts

Florian Rival: I like the idea of the randomly skilled hero - add a nice replay value! Game can be quite difficult at the beginning, so hard to start but fun once you understand how to play a bit better than during the first runs :p Nicely done, the graphics style is nice and the idea of getting one less skill at every step is a good one too. To add a bit of variety, would have been interesting to see if the levels could vary with different background/obstacles/etc :) Great job overall!

Jupiter Hadley: Good graphics but it's a shame the game can only be played on mobile browsers. :(