HTML5 and JavaScript Game Development Competition in just 13 kB

Ninja Take Back

This game is meant for local multiplayer - 2 people, 1 keyboard.

Build out the playing field by taking turns clicking and dragging platforms/traps/weapons from the top.

Press T to switch turn to other player so they may set their items

Each side corresponds to the items the player may place on his turn.

Once your items are placed, press start to play!



We'll leave the strategic parts up to you. 😜

Coffee: The brown potion - gives the player a boost in speed

Confuse Potion: the yellow one - Reverse controls

Platforms: Simply, a couple good ol' walls!

Shurikens: Pick up 5 at a time - enables you to push the other player around and make them drop your gem!
p1 controls:

WASD: move/jump

E: use shuriken
p2 controls:

Arrow Keys: move/jump

Spacebar: use shuriken

Categories: desktop

Feedback from the experts

Anonymous: Good: - Nice working platform game and jumping physics. Love the idea ninja can climb the wall :-) - Players are able to build the platform before the game start. What could be improved: - Game characters and the game area size might be too small for 2 players sharing the same screen. - Dragging the thin platform might be a little bit difficult: you might accidentally lose the drag mode if you drag too fast.