HTML5 and JavaScript Game Development Competition in just 13 kB

Never Found

You are an archaeologist who has found the crypt of Phor-oh IV, an ancient king long lost to history. According to the recently deciphered ancient text that led you to the crypt, it contains a locked room with a vast treasure. The game uses the Ga game framework, and ZzFX for all the sound effects.

Press P when the startup screen is up to play a game in normal mode. Press C to play in challenging mode (if you are a Coil subscriber). Control the player with the arrow keys. Feel around in the dark to find the key, then bump along the walls with the arrow keys to find the door. The key and door will be in a random location each time you play the game.

The extra challenge mode for Coil subscribers will have an extra ghost to dodge with its own speed. The other ghosts will also start out faster.

Categories: desktop, web monetization

Feedback from the experts

Christer Kaitila: I love the name Phor-oh IV! Perfect! =) it was so hard to move in the dark, and scary too! nice work!

Nathan Lie: The art style of this game has a quirky cartoonish quality I really enjoyed, and that I also realize also helps keep the file size below the requisite 13 kilobytes, which I found ingenious. The Web Monetization bonus is a solid choice, an additional difficulty for the power users is always welcome. An improvement I'd like to see is a more fleshed out mechanic for finding the key, so that it's more than guesswork and a little more agency on the player's part is involved.

Ewa Mazur: I like the way you implemented the extra content for Coil subscribers - it's not something that will make theĀ game easier, but something challenging - that's a unique solution. I also love that you're thanking Coil subscribers <3 If I would change anything it would be the way how I get the key - maybe adding some animation to show the key is moving from the spot I've found it to my equipment. Cool, consistent game - it was a pleasure to play it.

Anselm Hook: I feel like if there was some kind of temporary reveal and obstacles then this could play with memory. Otherwise it feels like a brute force search? I feel like coil subscribers should get a bonus not an extra hard ness.

Jupiter Hadley: I wish the inventory was better defined, but I do like the graphics and the style of gameplay!