HTML5 and JavaScript Game Development Competition in just 13 kB

Need Find Tribbles

10,048 tribbles are spread throughout the universe.

Today, nearing the end of the Great Tribble Hunt, only a few of the most unique and well disguised tribbles remain.

Find them quickly, before they start to multiply again!

The last time we left them alone the universe was almost overrun...

## The Tribbles:

Randomly created, one-of-a-kind NFTs!

If you find one before anyone else it's yours forever!

You'll need a NEAR TestNet account:

## The Game:

Click around the star map to hunt for tribbles!

Look out for tribble gear to create your own unique tribbles, export the image, and create you own NFTs on any NFT platform!

## The Challenges:

NEAR Protocol challenge: On-chain storage of NFT metadata & NEAR JS API authentication so users can claim NFTs for their own collection:

Protocol Labs challenge: Long-term, immutable, decentralized storage of images & metadata:

Categories: decentralized

Feedback from the experts

Sasha Hudzilin: really cool that the game already connected me to testnet account automatically somehow :) great use of decentralized ideas, and amazing game play

Daniel Keller: Love the concept, very cool and Star Trek is greater than Star Wars!

Michelle Mannering: - very awesome integration of NEAR wallet - Be awesome to have a testing environment where people don't need to sing up for anything - can't wait to see this integrated fully with - very addictive... want to just find everything - the puns are very good. Nice work coming up with them all - simple game and NFT is pretty awesome - share function is awesome - the sticker book where you see all the claimed tribbles - education piece is awesome, all the hidden treasures; ie. Rick and Morty - making your own tribble through collectables is awesome! - be awesome to see how this would work if fully deployed. Would bots be able to farm all the tribbles really quickly? Will more get made etc? - can't believe each dot is something! That's a lot of work, but nice job!

Tim Sulmone: I now have 6 testnet tribbles :-)) Very cool concept and game. Would be an interesting/fun NFT distribution method.

Vlad Grichina: Very well done, nice tiny details like dressing up your Tribble. Implementation of NFT mint makes sense as a NEAR integration, same goes for IPFS for image storage.

Johnny Matthews: This game is hilarious, and a really fun use of NFTs and NEAR. The gameplay is pretty basic, and amounts to essentially just clicking around the screen. But viewing your tribbles in your NEAR wallet, and potentially upgrading some of their stuff is where the real fun begins. This is a great implementation of NEAR, and the developer has clearly thought about how to create and use NFTs in an interesting way! I would've been nice to see some more exciting gameplay however.

Ryan Baumann: Interesting and amusing. I made a Tribble, and found it quite easy to play. Quite simple though, reminds me a bit of some of the Neopets games ^-^.

Paul Gadi: Fun clicker game, with intelligent use of NFT economics!

Dietrich Ayala: Game lacked some play, but the implementation was great and used a bunch of the decentralization superpowers! Finding NFTs is great and the implementation seemed to work perfectly. I did find stuff but wasn't sure why I didn't get to claim it... and then I got an NFT! I'd love to see the front-end itself ship on IPFS and you could use for the randomness. But such a cool feeling to get an NFT from the game and a really creative approach!