HTML5 and JavaScript Game Development Competition in just 13 kB

Ned Snow

Infiltrate in a prision of a dystopian future trying to rescue Ned Snow.

Coil members have access to a spin-off story that gives more information about this world.

Works on PC, VR headsets and mobile phones.
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Categories: web monetization, webxr

Feedback from the experts

Nathan Lie: Well executed stealth game with a strong narrative that integrates the theme nicely. The Web Monetization is used well here - it does the 100 + 20 method well with some extra story content. Not much in the way of improvement is needed here, perhaps a slightly faster movement speed to make walking around feel a little more natural.

Josh Marinacci: I'm really impressed. The concept and gameplay is fun, and the graphics are quite sharp given the size constraints. I think you should try expanding the game with more types of obstacles and more decorations in the office. I love the terminal text on the walls. Great job.

Ewa Mazur: Oh boy, the mood of a secret is all over the place! I love this game's vibes. You've achieved consistency with music, colors, first person perspective and story. I like that Coil subscribers can get additional tips during the game and they can choose if they want them or not. And of course 3d is always blowing my mind if it's going about 13KB limit. Awesome game!

Anselm Hook: Impressive. Good web monetization - more than just a small nod.

Christer Kaitila: The use of the visibility light is so effective! It was quite scary! I really enjoyed stealthing around trying to not get caught. Everything worked perfectly, and the awesome graphics ran at a silky smooth 60fps the whole time. I really liked the orange story terminals, a great way to add to the story and each one in the distance was enough to beckon me forward to continue my quest. Crouching was so cool. I also appreciated the extra blue story added by coil monetization. It is so amazing that you were able to make a full 3D FPS engine in only 13kb, with ray casting line-of-sight style detection and everyting! Awesome work!

Fernando Serrano Garcia: The idea is interesting and I find it fun to play in desktop with the cursors, but in VR I feel it misses a bit the point by using teleport. I'd like to try with standard movement by using the joystick so you have the feeling of "Oh! it may see me while I'm moving there!" as opposed to teleporting which is instantly jumping.