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Music Memory

Music Memory with Guitar and Piano sounds

Customise your game to get the most out of it:

- Would you like to learn guitar or piano chords? Pick your instrument!
- Are you an experienced musician? Turn off the colour guide for an extra challenge!
- Or just play for fun, see if you can play a song with the chords you find, stumble upon interesting chord transitions...


Categories: desktop, mobile

Feedback from the experts

Björn Ritzl: It gets kinda noisy while clicking through the tiles in search of a match. It's also a bit of a stretch to say that you will be able to learn guitar or piano chord through the game as I imagine that you'd have trouble replicating the chords on an actual instrument just by looking at the tiles in the game (especially the piano). From a technical standpoint the game seems to be quite solid though without any glitches or other issues.

Dann Sullivan: This is incredibly smart. I am not musically attuned, but I can see that this is a clever, fun thing for those who are.