HTML5 and JavaScript Game Development Competition in just 13 kB


Ambitious rabbit brothers had a full dinner and laying down,
There's nothing but beautiful sky in front of them.

One rabbit started to talk.
rabbit A: I want to go to the moon one day.
rabbit B: Yeah that'd be nice~
rabbit A, rabbit B: ...

rabbit B: It's crazy but let's go to the moon.
rabbit A: What? How? building a rocket?
rabbit B: Why not! Luckily there are materials everywhere! Plastic, Metal ...
rabbit A, rabbit B: ...
They turn their heads to each other and all this adventure begins.

========= CAST =========
This is a weekend project by HandI brothers, Well done brother!
Thanks for playing ;)

Rabbit A: E INJae
Rabbit B: E HeeJae
Mom: K MiSuk
Dad: E KeeDae

Categories: desktop

Feedback from the experts

Timur Manyanov: Good: I like the story, characteres and some kind of atmosphere even :) I've spent much more time playing than with other games. Bad: UI is a bit confusing in the beginning, not all logic is obvious, I had to click everything in the beginning... So many clicks needed to be done, I wish there was some automation :) I've done all the upgrades, made a rocket with 56% success, failed and the next one was 0%. That's where I quit.

Ahmed Khalifa: First of all, I want to congratulate you on finishing your game in time and under the required size, this is always an achievement that you should be proud of. This game is pretty interesting to me as it is kinda a mix between cookie clicker and learning optimization techniques in Artificial Intelligence as you are experimenting with each field one by one until you find the perfect combination for your rocket to reach the moon. The idea is interesting and I would recommend expanding on it to have more surprises similar to universal paper clips or dark room game. I loved the game aesthetics overall, my only problem with it is that the buttons and status can't be differentiated. Also, it would be amazing if you provide a notepad or something that shows all the previous trials of the rocket or just a search bar ability for all the status information. Also, I didn't get the usage of more than 3 rabbits, maybe an expansion version would allow you to stack multiple rabbits on multiple tasks. overall, great job :)