HTML5 and JavaScript Game Development Competition in just 13 kB

Moon Buggy Racing

You are on a space mission and you have landed on the moon. You've been exploring the moon with your moon buggy, but you're running out of oxygen!
Drive the moon buggy back to the lunar lander before you run out of oxygen, while avoiding the rocks and collecting the stars. Will you make it
back to the lunar lander in time?

Control the moon buggy with the arrow keys (Up accelerates, Down decelerates, Left and Right turns). Shoot stars with the space key.

Categories: desktop

Feedback from the experts

Lee Reilly: Had fun with this one - felt the difficulty settings were just right 👌🏼 Additional levels or repeat plays with more rocks / less time would be a neat addition. Very nicely done! <3

Raf Mertens: Appreciate the addition of a difficulty select! I think a great mechanic would be if you started with much less oxygen and had to collect the stars/oxygen as you go along to survive! It would make a great incentive to collect the stars. Maybe also a boost for the risk takers :) great job on the game though.

Michelle Mannering: - love the backstory - 8 bit music! Love it - doesn't appear to be working; there was nothing to drive on... only black screen. Tried in Chrome and Brave