HTML5 and JavaScript Game Development Competition in just 13 kB

Mongol March

In the 13th century, the Mongol Empire marched to conquer the world. As a Mongol commander, your duty is to lead your army to conquer European castles.

This is a tower attack game based on Tetris-like blocks. Strategically arrange the blocks to summon Mongol soldiers and lead them to victory.

- Z: Rotate Blocks
- Left Mouse Button: Place Blocks, UI Interaction


The goal of the game is to pursue the highest score. Players need to strategically place blocks on the strategy board. To place a block, hover the mouse over the board, and the block will be displayed based on the anchor point. Blocks can be rotated by pressing "Z" key or by clicking on the anchor point. Fill the entire strategy board with blocks as much as possible, and there will be unexpected effects.

Each block represents a type of soldier. If you encounter an inappropriate block, you can click the "waive" button to give up. When there are no more blocks, click the button to start attacking the tower. The game will generate soldiers according to the order of blocks (left to right) in the strategy board. When there is a blank grid in the strategy board, the grid will be locked and cannot be arranged into squares in the next round.


The scoring is calculated based on factors such as the attack power, attack range, attack speed, and attack points of the defeated soldiers and the castle. In addition, the remaining Mongol soldiers will also become bonus.

Categories: desktop