HTML5 and JavaScript Game Development Competition in just 13 kB

Miss City

Look! It's Euralia. It's like the perfect city. Darío Paz is the perfect mayor... but not for us. Our company, Encisa, is trying to build a super mall in an old house. The mayor however has promised that if he wins the elections, he will do a library. We must stop it! You have a week (2 minutes) to win the elections. Use our dron!! So, you must move the dron (use WASD on desktop, rotate the phone on mobile) to spread advertising in the city and convince people to vote you. You win if: 51 people votes you. You lose if: You waste all the money (spread advertising cost money) OR Time passes (you have 2 minutes) There are 4 different types of spreading advertising. Use VBNM on desktop, touch controls on mobile.

Categories: desktop, mobile