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Merlin vs Alfonso

Alfonso X was King of Castile during the 13th century. Also known as Alfonso the wise, he encouraged learning and had a particular interest in a game called "Ajedrez", which was a medieval precursor to chess.

In this game you play as Merlin, the fictional wizard who's popularity peaked while Alfonso X reigned. You are invited to Alfonso's castle to learn about the game of "Ajedrez".

As you are a wizard, you have the ability to manipulate objects using telekinesis. Anything that is gold or yellow colored can be moved by clicking on the object and dragging in a direction it is free to move in. Additionally, Merlin can be controlled by clicking on land he can reach, and he will walk the fastest path.

Alfonso X commissioned the "Libro de los juegos", which included detailed instructions on many games, including "Ajedrez". The rules for the enemies movements are taken from this text (the peon moves slightly differently than described since there is no "side" to the board).

The music was created using the brilliant ZzFXM: , which uses the MIT License: , which is based on KilledByAPixel's ZzFX: , which also uses the MIT license:

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