HTML5 and JavaScript Game Development Competition in just 13 kB


High in the Karpathian mountains two little kids Attu and Juno were playing snowballs. One thrown snowball missed it’s target, flew away and started rolling down the mountain.

Keep the snowball rolling to get as far as you can! Click anywhere to set the trampoline to jump over the kids, bears, foxes and the rocks! Be patient at night!

Categories: desktop, mobile

Feedback from the judges

Tomasz Wesołowski: I love the day/night cycle! Seems like the best strategy is to place trampolines to brake the ball when it goes too fast. Still, the worst enemy in this game is camera action: if the ball bounces high, it's all down to luck where it lands. I'm looking for a factor that would encourage me to replay the game, I suppose it could be curiosity how big the ball can be? maybe it will be a proper avalanche someday!

Yuriy Dybskiy: Beautiful! Loved the daytime/nighttime transitions.

Jupiter Hadley: Really love graphics and story! Love the day/night cycles and the game in general. Its a fun little thing to play.

Mitri Wiberg: Simple and funny gameplay, awesome looks! great job!

Diego González: Absolutely wonderful! I love the art style. Simple in a good way. Nice work.