HTML5 and JavaScript Game Development Competition in just 13 kB

Lost Worlds

Somewhere deep underground near the Large Hadron Collider... something has gone terribly wrong...

Collect electronics, watch out for bugs, and don't get too lost in the multiverse!

Desktop controls:
W = forwards, S = backwards, LMB = shoot, C = change weapon

Mobile controls:
Right virtual joystick to aim + move, hold left virtual joystick to fire.

Categories: desktop, mobile

Feedback from the judges

Tomasz WesoĊ‚owski: The game says "Don't get too lost", but since I cannot go back at any time, I'm kind of lost by definition, right? The gameplay seems really solid, I'd just appreciate more variety. Only technical issue I'd point out is controls - to me they kind of seem like riding a bike, like I start slow, but then I accelerate, gain momentum, make quick turns and stop really quickly. Walking would normally have a more fixed speed and not much inertia.

Jupiter Hadley: I love the way the world sort of tilts back and forth - it adds a lot to the experience!