HTML5 and JavaScript Game Development Competition in just 13 kB

Lost Pacman

Pacman got lost in his labyrinth. Go through the maze collecting white balls and getting score before you rescue him.

Beware of phantoms! they are relentless...

* Move your head to move left and right.
* Tested in iPhone 7 with Safari.

Categories: a-frame

Feedback from the judges

Diego Marcos: VR version of pacman. Initial countdown is too long what makes hard to play multiple times. You don't have a way to see the ghosts in the map so it feel each turn to be a toss of a coin: will there be a ghost? The controller is reasonable and has wall collisions.

Jupiter Hadley: Really clever idea! I wish I had a VR for the full experience.

Chris Mills: I really enjoyed this one - a nice innovative way to play pac man. Landscape is nice, movement is smooth. One criticism - no restart button after you die.

Ada Rose Edwards: Nice take on pacman, works amazingly well in the VR headset! Seeing 2m high ghosts and pacman was scary.