HTML5 and JavaScript Game Development Competition in just 13 kB

lost packet

During a mundane transfert of data, the worst thing that can happen arrived : the connexion was lost !
You are now stuck in the network, trying to survive long enough for the connection to return. But the evil glitches will come to corrupt you !
You must protect your data at all cost : if the glitches gets to it, they will corrupt it. Be wary to not touch the glitches yourself, as they will corrupt you too ! use qsdz/asdw to move, the mouse to look and hold the mouse button or space to load your weapons.

For the moment, only the survival mode is available, and due to a git error, I won't be able to finish the game before the 13, so this is my entry for the competition.

This version is the one of the last commit on git, with 2 files missing from the repo; I forgot to add them before commit and I don't have access to my good computer until the 15 (that's why I can't finish the game). I will add them as soon as I can, but if the repo isn't sync with the submission, it is normal.

Categories: desktop

Feedback from the judges

Jason Carter: Played the survival mode. Liked the theme, the fact it was 3D, moving around was easy and comfortable (once I realised I had to change to qwerty :), felt that for survival you could have done a much bigger level, so that there was an actual incentive to explore and survive. I went around the wall once but then just stayed by the data until I got tired. A suggestion would be to add say decreasing energy or some metric, so that you actually have to go explore to recharge. Good job with the implementation and thanks for participating in the compo!