HTML5 and JavaScript Game Development Competition in just 13 kB

Lost In Space. Endless Destruction.

You've been adrift in space, its just you, the computer and nothing else... You must find your way home.
WAD keys to move
Space to fire
Esc to pause

Categories: desktop

Feedback from the experts

Spartez Team: Thanks for submitting your game to js13k :) I got lost in space and I couldn't find my way back :/ You have implemented some interesting mechanics here and started well with the story that you are lost. What I missed was something that connected the mechanics to the goal. I had plenty of questions like: - Why scrap is conveniently being throw directly at me? And why is it damaging me if I need it? Where is it coming from? - What's up with the planets? At first I thought they could help me somehow with fighting the scraps, but their physics didn't help or got in the way. - What are those white "shoots" getting through? Is there someone there? With the introduction chat you started with, I thought we were settled for a different game. I think it'd be worth to ask: If you would be lost in space, what would be going on in your head? These are mine: - How did I sleep so long? - What's so bad about the Corg space? - Where do I find scrap? - How long can I survive on the resources I have? - What is constraning my survival?

Lee Reilly: Those gravitational pulls were an unexpected twist, and I found it futile to try an evade the Corg. I'd recommend experimenting and making their accuracy on par with an Imperial Stormtrooper's blaster fire. I had a lot more fun when I found the cheat codes hidden in the code :)