HTML5 and JavaScript Game Development Competition in just 13 kB

LOSSST - a Snake in Space

LOSSST is back!
Better graphics, better controls, better music and a ton of new puzzles, mechanics and surprises!

- Desktop: arrows/WASD/ZQSD to move, mouse to rotate the camera (and X/C to move vertically in the last world)
- Mobile: buttons to move, finger to rotate the camera.
- WebMonetization bonus: a puzzle editor!
- Decentralized challenges: NEAR (e-shop), Protocol Labs (Leaderboards), Flux (Skin editor).
- OCD challenges: beat the developer's scores for each puzzle, Hard Mode (New Game +)

Thanks to Bence for the SVG patterns, Yurume for RoadRoller, Anders Kaare for the sound effects, End3r for this amazing competition, Jaburns, Adrien, Julien, Anouk, Sam and Damien for the beta-testing! <3


Categories: desktop, mobile, web monetization, decentralized

Feedback from the experts

Sasha Hudzilin: enjoyed the gameplay

Joep van Duinen: Really cool puzzler. Love the music integration and the cinematic opening. The difficulty ramps up pretty evenly too. Great work overall!

Nathan Lie: Nice and puzzling game with an nice atmosphere that's cool and relaxing. The puzzle editor is a big feature to have as a Web Monetization feature, but since it doesn't affect the gameplay it's effective as a bonus.

Ewa Mazur: Although the game is very cute and extremely addictive, I have doubts that the WM implementation is working properly. I appreciate the marking of the bonus items in the main menu, but they are available both when I am logged in to Coil and when I am not, which means the editor is not a bonus for Coil subscribers, but a bonus for everyone.

Michelle Mannering: - super cute graphics - snake is adorable - music and sound effects are a nice touch - cross combability is nice - simple graphics, but very effective - very intuitive, takes the user through a journey - camera rotation is awesome (nice addition) - puzzle games are my favourite! - this is very cool - love the fact you can go backwards and take time figuring things out - be cool if you got more coins for finishing in less steps - a reset button might be awesome too; for a cost!

Tim Sulmone: Game was much longer than i expected. Enjoyable fun cute challenge. Multiple aspects of decentralized features were implemented in. I can tell that a lot of care/passion went into making this :-)

Vlad Grichina: Nice and engaging puzzle game. Integrations are a bit unclear however, e.g. what I'm supposed to do with items purchased in NEAR shop?

Johnny Matthews: While the game concept is fairly simple, the implementation is incredibly impressive! The graphics are nice to look at, the sound track in fun, and the gameplay is somewhat addictive! From a decentralized standpoint, it's great to see the NEAR protocol implemented. It also looks like there's a version hosted on IPFS!

Ryan Baumann: Very cool game! Loved the opening cutscene and cute atmosphere. The puzzle difficulty is quite low, so I wish there were less puzzles required to be completed to skip ahead. I wasn't able to get any of the decentralised features working though. I did manage to get to the coin purchase page, however the prices are quite steep, and on the mainnet. Still, very clean as a game, and amusing.

Paul Gadi: Really engaging game! Great implementation of an in-app store using NEAR

Dietrich Ayala: Daaaamn, you did A LOT in this event. I love the developer journal, and really want to discuss the challenges you faced in the decentralization implementation. But anyways, great implementation of the game itself. Even an animated cutscene! Relaxing and not-annoying music. I couldn't get the IPFS bonuses to work, the CIDs were not being provided by anyone on the network so maybe you didn't publish it so a node that's always on? You can push to Pinata/Infura/ and keep it online that way. Would be rad to see NFTs for high scores. Really interested in the leaderboard implementation if you get it working.

Jupiter Hadley: Lovely music, really polished, well made game.