HTML5 and JavaScript Game Development Competition in just 13 kB

Last Viking

The year is 1262. Iceland should be brought under Norwegian rule. For peace, they say. To replace the Gods by the Christian one, Odin says! Get rid of the missionaries and hail to Valhalla!

Use "A" and "D" to move sideways.
Use "Q" and "E" to rotate.
Use "D" to move down faster.
Use "Space" to drop directly.

Starting as a platformer I later decided to make it a somewhat "Dr. Mario" clone. Unfortunately, summer came back for a few more days and motivation dropped.
What's missing:
- Checks + obstacle removing
- A score
- New Levels / max cap
- Start / Winning / Game Over screens
- Some sound
- Polishing

Nevertheless I'll keep developing this project and will release it on itch eventually. Follow me on Twitter / X or on GitHub to stay updated :)

See you next year, maybe with a final project. Learned a lot from this challenge!

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