HTML5 and JavaScript Game Development Competition in just 13 kB

Knights Quest

You wake up at a your camp site and something is amiss. The legendary helm "Skullsavington" gifted to you by the elves of Galandrathrill; missing! The mythril armor "Gutscontainathryl" forged for you by the dwarves of Mount Rawrthrak; absent! The blessed sword "Barbsmasher" conjured and blessed by the goddess Arathnia herself; gone! Seeing as it's your only option, you pick up a rusty old sword left by one of the thieves and take off in search of the grubby skelpie-limmer who stole your hard-earned legendary gear!

Level up, reclaim your legendary gear, and to lay waste to the thieves who stole it!

Change direction by pointing your mouse cursor, or dragging on your touch screen in the direction you would like to face.

"Boost" your speed for a short amount of time by clicking and holding the left mouse button, or by double-tapping and holding on your touch screen.

Categories: desktop, mobile, server

Feedback from the experts

Michelle Mannering: Amazing lore. Great work on the storyline behind this. Love the fact you came up with heaps of crazy awesome, fantasy-like names. Great you can enter your own Knight's name. Some music would be great. I also think there was a glitch at some point. One of the games I loaded into I instantly died... Overall fun concept. Easy to play and love the touch screen integration. Next, make it so you can play with others :)