HTML5 and JavaScript Game Development Competition in just 13 kB

Knight Dreams

Knight Dreams is an endless runner arcade action platformer (yes, that's a genre now), where you control a 13th century knight - or at least a 13th century knight helmet with legs and arms. Your goal is to do things that most 13th century knights do: collect gems, kill everything that moves and keep running until you die. As simple as that. Or maybe you are a 13th century knight having a fever dream, that would explain the name of the game.

- Left & right arrow (or A and D): move left or right
- Up arrow (or W): jump (when on the ground) or "fly" (when in the air)
- Space: extend your rubber spear (at least I think it's rubber)
- Enter: pause

Game mechanics explained:
You gain points automatically or by killing enemies with your spear (the enemies die automatically when they hit your spear, extending it (or "attacking") is not necessary). Collecting gems will increase the amount of points you earn by doing these heroic deeds (1 gem = +10% score bonus), but they will also give power for your... uh, propeller, that you can use to fly.

- AUDIO DOES NOT WORK ON SAFARI! No idea why, but since I don't have an Apple device, this is almost impossible to fix, so please use either Firefox or any Chromium-based browser.
- On lower end hardware it might take a few second for the game to generate all the graphics assets, so please be patient (on a decent hardware it should take only a second, though)
- Your best score is stored automatically to localStorage, but it is not uncommon that your browser security settings block localStorage calls. In these cases your best score will disappear when you leave the page. What a pity.

Categories: desktop