HTML5 and JavaScript Game Development Competition in just 13 kB

Khilji's Folly

In this colorful gamification of a real historical event set in the 1300s, you take the role of a sole, supernaturally gifted Tibetian Monk in charge of protecting the famous Chumbi Valley against the incoming hordes of horsemen and charioteers of the warlord Bakhtiyar Khalji (a.k.a Khilji).

Shoot the incoming enemies with the multitude of fiery balls of fire (with fashionable particle effects to boot!) and see the score rise. Be careful, though. Some enemies can soak up more damage than most ammo can make!


- Fireballs! With particle simulation.
- Dynamically generated backdrops.
- Full Gamepad support.
- Endless hordes for the competitive shooter.
- FPS counter.
- Clever sprit-work.
- Automatic performance optimization depending on FPS.


- You can play either on the keyboard or a gamepad.
- Left/Right arrow keys or [DPadLeft] [DPadRight] to run along the hill.
- Up/Down arrow keys or [DPadDown] [DPadUp] to aim.
- Press F / [Button B] to cycle through projectiles.
- Press SPACE / [Button A] to shoot.
- Press F11 to toggle fullscreen.


- Developers: Sayem Shafayet & Shuhan Mirza
- Music: Mysha Azfar


- Sprites by chierit (
- TypeScript js13k starter kit (

Cut Content:

We had to skip our original soundtrack made specifically to the game due to space constraint. You can still enjoy it here [cut-content](

GNU General Public License v3.0

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