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Khan - Westward Conquest

Khan - Westward Conquest is a deck-building dungeon crawler.

Can you, the Great Khan, defeat all the enemies standing in your way??

Every stage you win, add a new card or a new ability to your deck. Build your strategy, defeat your foes, but make sure to pay attention to what your foes are doing next!

Cards have different effects, ranging from dealing damage to strengthening yourself to weakening your enemies. These effects include:

Defend: Stops X attack damage, lasts for a single turn.
Enrage: Do 50% more attack damage, lasts for X turns.
Weaken: Do 25% less attack damage, gain 50% less defend, lasts for X turns.

If you forget, there is a "Help/Info" button, or hover over any of the D/E/W letters for a reminder.

Controls: Mouse/Touch
Platform: Desktop/Mobile (Best in Chrome/Firefox)

Categories: desktop, mobile