HTML5 and JavaScript Game Development Competition in just 13 kB

Keep'em 404

Keep'em 404

The web browser is under attack! Evil websites are approaching! As long as you can keep the page showing a 404 the client is fine.

Try to place the 5 different types of towers around the world and prevent the pages to reach the browser.

The more expensive a tower the more powerful it is. You can upgrade towers to become stronger and fight longer.

All towers are extra efficient against a specific enemy:

- Shields against Ads
- Certificates against Unsafe connections
- First Aid against Viruses
- Magnifier against Phishing
- Firewall against Spyware

The game is playable in the desktop browser and on VR headsets.

Categories: webxr

Feedback from the experts

Josh Marinacci: A very fun concept and fun to play. The graphics are awesome. Only thing I'd add is some targeting to make it easier to place towers on the further away spots, as well as some fun background music. I made it to 1.6m$

Fernando Serrano Garcia: Really nice graphics and polished result. It could be great if the user could understand the path of the enemies from the very beginning as I was just spawning defenses everywhere without really knowing how good they are being placed. Also it could be helpful to have the table shown initially during the whole game or at least during the first wave. Overall a really nice work!