HTML5 and JavaScript Game Development Competition in just 13 kB

Journey to the East; Silk Road Adventure

This is an educational strategy game about the Silk Road. It's somewhat difficult. To win you must make it to the end of the route with at least one member still alive. This game is inspired by "The Oregon Trail" Read below for some tips.

*** Decentralized ***
If you log in with NEAR (mainnet) and you have Mr.Brown NFTs you get Mr.Brown as your first member of the caravan and he's sturdier than the average member. In addition, you get a score multiplier depending on how many Mr.Browns you have!

*** CONTROLS ***:
=> Fill in 5 caravan members' names using input
=> Use click/tap to press buttons and fire bow
=> Visit pages:
=> Market: Buy and sell, try to make a profit.
=> Status: Check on your supplies, your members and make decisions about speed, food, and load
=> Hunt: You can only hunt while on the trail, click to fire the arrows.
=> Big Map: See a larger version of the map, touch the dots to see the names of upcoming cities.
=> Logs: Sometimes you'll miss events when on other pages, you can look back through previous events on this page.

=> Start with lots of water skins, while sometimes you stop at oasis to refill, other than that you can only refill at cities.
=> Each member and camel eats according to the diet you select, so you control how fast the food runs out. Also finding an extra camel can be a blessing and a curse.
=> There are many ways to die, but the fastest ways are by running out of important supplies.
=> If you have Mr.Brown NFTs you can have Mr.Brown as your first member and he is impervious to random death/illness events... he is only affected by neglect.
=> It's easier to go fast, you may lose more members but you'll get there sooner.
=> My 12-year-old daughter beat the game! So you can too!

Categories: desktop, mobile, decentralized