HTML5 and JavaScript Game Development Competition in just 13 kB

Johnny Smiter III

In Johnny Smiter's fourth (re)quest, you must escape the curse of the Shadow Walker with help from a new friend, Ellysias, a Ferry God.

The Great Mage Coil can assist in your journey and allow you see the sacred numbers within the shadows.

Categories: desktop, mobile, web monetization

Feedback from the experts

Christer Kaitila: Phenomenal tech! Amazing idea! What an amazing achievement. The shadow platforming awesomeness is so dynamic, it makes you "feel smart" when you solve a puzzle. The music is great, the text intros really help, and the silky smooth 60fps perfection of this amazing adventure is so impressive. Amazing work!!!

Ewa Mazur: Very clever idea with the shadows! The game has it's spooky mood thanks to those shadows, spiders and the music. I was dying to see some kind of a map of those dungeons, to see how big and dark they are ;) The only thing I would change was quickly disappearing dialogs - maybe they could disappear after a mouse click? And just letting you know that the performance in Firefox was much worse than in Chrome. Awesome game with a consistent atmosphere.

Anselm Hook: Beautiful idea. I'm not 100% sure seeing the numbers helps?

Nathan Lie: Very unique puzzle-platformer - I really enjoyed the primary movement mechanic with the shadows as ramps, thought it could use a little polishing, especially during scenarios where the player is inside of a shadow. I found myself in a few situations where getting "popped" out of a shadow sent me into a hazard of some kind. On that note, the sound mixing could be improved a little bit - the noise made during a "game over" was quite loud compared to the rest of the sounds of the game. The Web Monetization bonus is nice - not too game-breaking (which is good in my opinion), but a great "nice-to-have".