HTML5 and JavaScript Game Development Competition in just 13 kB

I've Been Ghosting

"I've Been Ghosting" is a point and click animated adventure game.

You control a ghost who doesn't know her name, or how she died, but who offers to help a visitor called Pip to learn more about DEATH as part of his research for building a js13kgames entry. Soon the ghost realises it is Pip that is helping her to remember something.

Control the ghost by using the Float to, Look at, Listen to, Touch, and Whisper to icons at the bottom of the screen.

Float to: Used for moving around, but you can only walk 1 metre from your urn!!

Look at: Used for examining an item or something in the current scene.

Listen to: Used for listening to an item or something in the current scene.

Whisper to: Used for talking to other characters in the game, although your voice may need a little electronic help.

Categories: desktop, mobile