HTML5 and JavaScript Game Development Competition in just 13 kB

It's a Lovely Day for a Drive

Lovely Drive pays homage to Desert Bus. Drive on a lonely desert highway with nothing but the wind rushing by and your chill tunes on the radio. Your transmission is stuck in reverse, but that won't stop you from enjoying this lovely day.


* USB or Wireless Gamepad: Left joystick to steer, any button for throttle
* Keyboard: A (left) and D (right) to steer, S (down) for throttle
* Mobile: Tilt sensor to steer, tap/hold for throttle


Use a gamepad for the best possible experience. Beware not all browsers support the "standard" button mapping.

There are known limitations with calibrating the mobile steering. Try to calibrate your body (spin around while tapping slowly until the car stops turning). When you are in a good location, the tilt sensor will let you drive as if your mobile device is the steering wheel.

Important Note:

This game can take several minutes to load, especially on low power mobile platforms. Please be patient, and enjoy the ride!

Categories: desktop, mobile