HTML5 and JavaScript Game Development Competition in just 13 kB


Manage a 1990s Internet Service Provider. Connect new customers, repair defective data hubs and always keep an eye on your budget.

Connect the houses with the data hubs by building new cable connections.

Data hubs can only service a limited amount of households and have a limited range. Build additional hubs if the bandwidth is too low or the houses are out of range. Customers with slow or no connection will cancel their contract eventually. You will be fined for every lost customer.

Click on the map to build the selected structure. Use arrow-keys/wasd to move the map or select a location on the minimap.

The game ends when your money runs out.

Shoutouts to xem for his miniPixelart thingy and to Bruno Croci for the design inspiration (Phosphorus Dating - JS13k2016)

Categories: desktop

Feedback from the judges

Spartez Team: I had some fun with that one. I love the look of old windows - nice idea. Perfectly fits the theme too. 16 May 1996 - that's how long I survived. I see potential here, just not sure if this is delibarate. At first I was trying to connect everyone, but some houses are just too damn far. I did try to give two hubs instead of one - those are too damn expensive. Tried to keep mainainining hubs (hate clicking and having to remember which one when) - they still break. I'd prefer it to be more strategic - like give one more element to keep eye on, but make things degrade slower. It should failing more because I was greedy and connected too many or I want to expand and need to rebuild part of my network. Instead it's very random with nonstop failing hubs. I think I misunderstood what hubs are for. Old hubs were connecting computers together. What's in game is more like hub to "the internet". If I connect hub 'behind' the house, separated from the rest of the network - it still helps to make this house green. That is something that I totally didn't expect. Also "Thank you for playing" in the end was very nice.

Mike Cook: Very cute! Mini Metro by way of Sim City water management in 1995. Making a game like this in a jam is hard, because there's a lot of tutorial stuff and balancing to do, but the concept here works well, and the theme is good, and it feels like it could really grow!