HTML5 and JavaScript Game Development Competition in just 13 kB

Island Not Found

Can you find your way out, or is it a 404?

Escape from 2020 for a moment, enjoy the sun, the ocean waves and relax trying to find your way.
We hope you enjoy, thank you for playing!

If the game seems to be running too slow on your machine, try to disable "High quality" from the main menu.

Shift: run
WASD/ZQSD/Arrows: move
Mouse: look around
E,Space: interact
F: flashlight
Esc,M: main menu

Categories: desktop

Feedback from the experts

Björn Ritzl: Island Not Found is a nice looking first person adventure game. It's pretty impressive considering the size limitations. The puzzles are a bit simplistic and my way from start to finish felt pretty linear with a single solution to unlock the next puzzle in the game. The game could have taken more inspiration from point and click adventure games where there are more possible solutions to a problem and where you as the player can use both logic and a bit of trial and error to progress through the game. I did like the wave length and amplitude puzzle on the computer though!

Noël Meudec: It is an excellent little game. I needed about 5 minutes to reach the end of it, but I enjoyed the experience. I really like the atmosphere, very good choice of background music. Some details were quite impressive, like the effect of the sea, the flashlight and the sun. To manage to cramp up all of these in a game that small is fantastic. I also appreciate the few game mechanics, especially toward the end (no spoilers). There are a couple of things I would do to improve the game: 1- Maybe I missed something, but I think you could have done something more useful with the flashlight 2- A little more storytelling would have been good, even though not knowing much is part of the mystery that contributes to the atmosphere 3- Prevent the character from walking on the sea 4- There is a bug at the end of the game. I was not able to move my mouse pointer anymore, I was stuck in the game! Overall, I like the game very much and I was quite impressed.