HTML5 and JavaScript Game Development Competition in just 13 kB


- Master, here are the plans of the Death Cube. We can fire a torpedo into this exhaust vent, going straight to the reactor core. This is our only chance.
- Padawan, this is 2019. Let's send an unmanned drone into the main entrance, cloak it so that the Cube's defences will ignore it, and remote control it until it reaches the reactor.
- But master, how can we avoid all the obstacles inside and still reach our destination ?
- Easy, easy. If anything goes wrong, use the Force to send the spacecraft back in time.
- Back in time ? Is that even possible ?

Categories: desktop

Feedback from the experts

Christer Kaitila: Awesome game! Great use of 3d graphics, and I really loved the intro camera pan from the deathcube. I was also really impressed with the voice synthesis. I wish there was a ship engine sound and music, and a tutorial: it took 4 games for me to figure out how to control it, I searched desperately for the key to trigger the force rewind and only on my last few games did I try mouse2, then I felt really dumb. Other than having to figure out the controls via experimentation, my only real disappointment was in not being able to use the force rewind when you die, that seems like the best time to use it, AFTER you explode, so you can keep going. I never once really used it effectively while playing because you never know beforehand when you will fail, so it was useless, maybe only because I was not very good and failed a lot. =) Overall, a very impressive, fun, polished, and cool js13k submission. Great work. I enjoyed playing it!

Jupiter Hadley: This game is pretty interesting and I really do like the voices!