HTML5 and JavaScript Game Development Competition in just 13 kB

Infernal Throne

🔥👑 Infernal Throne 👑🔥 is a mini Metroidvania compressed into 13kb.

## The Story ##
Your seat on the Infernal Throne has been overruled. The Demon King has banished you to the depths of Hell and stripped you of your infernal Aspects. Navigate the Underworld and its dangers while searching for a way to regain your strength. The Throne awaits you...

## Controls ##
[Arrow Keys] to move
[Z] to jump
[X] to attack
[C] Use Aspect 1 (once learned)
[V] Use Aspect 2 (once learned)
[M] Show map

## Competitive People ##
The endgame provides stats you can work to improve:
- Minimize playthrough time
- Maximize Bones collected
- Minimize Deaths
- Find all Treasures

Categories: desktop