HTML5 and JavaScript Game Development Competition in just 13 kB


Hoosdere (read as who's there, original, I know) is a minimal creepy game.
You found yourself lost in the middle of a dark forest. You can barely see the exit. And you're definitely not alone.

Controls are A/D or Lelft/Right to change direction of movement. W to sprint. The player always moves forward. Click to start.

Categories: desktop

Feedback from the judges

Tomasz WesoĊ‚owski: Huh huh, promising, but something's missing! The enemies are just blips on the radar, right? The radar is all I need to look at in order to escape. I don't feel scared because I know what to expect - either I escape the blips and I win, or I don't escape and I lose. Games get creepy when I'm confident that one thing will happen but something else happens when I least expect it. You already have a prototype with lots of potential, please experiment what you could change to surprise the player in interesting ways and you'll have an awesome horror!

Jupiter Hadley: Really nice use of mini-map, though I felt like I should be able to hear them if you mention that I can hear them...