HTML5 and JavaScript Game Development Competition in just 13 kB

Highway 404

How long will you survive the perils of Highway 404, Canada's evilest motorway? Featuring your favorite HTTP status codes:
- 103 Early Hints: dispenses in-game instructions
- 200 Road OK: cancels the adverse effects of 404
- 301 Road Moved & 302 Temporary Road Redirect: moves you to less dangerous lane
- 404 Road Not Found: breaks the road behind you
- 418 I am a Teapot: collects them for extra points
- 501 Road Not Implemented & 503 Road Unavailable: stops the road ahead of you

Coil subscribers exclusive:
- 429 Speed Limiting: slows down time to help you drive around obstacles
- different car paint & decals

Steering controls:
- desktop: WASD, QZSD or arrow keys
- mobile: swipe anywhere on the screen

Tested on: Chrome, Firefox and Safari (should work on Edge too)

Categories: desktop, mobile, web monetization

Feedback from the experts

Nathan Lie: Excellent integration of theme and gameplay - controls are snappy and the gameplay loop is solid. No real comments on improvements when it comes to core gameplay. Web Monetization bonus is a real treat - anything that adds new gameplay dynamics is always a good addition in my book.

Ewa Mazur: Very dynamic game, no place for boredom. I really like the speech synthesis, graphics consistency, main menu and the dynamic of the game. Although I really appreciate the pixel art I had a hard time to read some texts (that's when speech synthesis did the job). And I didn't "feel" the bonus for Coil subscribers - I tested it with Coil on and off - didn't notice the difference.The music is perfectly combined with the game dynamic. And I love that everything is so polished. Great job!

Anselm Hook: Very nice. Great sound. Good web monetization bonus.

Christer Kaitila: This was one heck of a ride!! I loved the knight rider awesomeness of the later parts of the great soundtrack! and the voice synthesis! and the amazing graphics. so smooth and fast and easy to control! It was a serious mega challenge for my slow reflexes but I had a blast and I LOVED jumping on the lane change redirects! Epic! What an amazingly fun and polished js13k entry. Great work!!

Jupiter Hadley: What a clever and fun little game!