HTML5 and JavaScript Game Development Competition in just 13 kB

Heaven Ascent

Take charge of your own destiny by ascending to the celestial throne, navigating your way through the heavens, fighting demons and collecting stars, before facing down an array of angelic bosses who seek to stop your ascension.

Unlock an array of abilities and upgrades each time you die, opening up the game world and getting you one step closer to the elusive final empyrean guardian, accessible after collecting the prophesied 404 burning stars.


Arrow keys to move, X to attack, Z to dash (when unlocked). ESC for menu, arrow keys and enter to navigate. Music and SFX on by default (volume controls in menu).

Coil subscribers gain access to unique cheat modes and options that alter the gameplay or the graphics, toggleable via the menu. Face down randomly generated bosses, see the world in a new light, upgrade your dash with a rainbow flourish, and more!

Categories: desktop, web monetization

Feedback from the experts

Christer Kaitila: This game has an amazing feel! So smooth. The music is INCREDIBLE, and I was immediately pulled in by the polish and adventure. It was exciting when I got an in-air sword takedown, it felt ninja epic! So much fun. Excellent work.

Nathan Lie: The game has an excellent sense of progression - in classic rougelike fashion, each run sees the player improve both their character's abilities and their progress towards collecting all the stars. It just need a few more quality-of-life improvements to really seal the deal. Enemy positions should be reset each time the player enters a room - sometimes they can hover at the entry for a given area and cause the player to immediately take damage upon returning to it. Also, there should always be a platform underneath a boss portal, so that when a player beats it, they won't fall onto any spikes that may be underneath. Finally, entering a new area should cancel all momentum a player has - jumping into a new area can cause the player to fly right into any obstacles or enemies that they did not anticipate. The Web Monetization adds some fun little change-ups to the gameplay. The dash was really fun and I enjoyed the random bosses.

Ewa Mazur: Amazing, polished, consistent game. I love the main menu - so many options, including the bonuses for Coil subscribers - well done! The game is so polished I can't think of anything to add or change.

Anselm Hook: Very cute. Bonuses for Coil are good also.

Jupiter Hadley: What a lovely game! Love the upgrade system, love the sound effects, etc.