HTML5 and JavaScript Game Development Competition in just 13 kB

Have you missed the TUTORIAL for life?

This is depressing.

In life, you don't have a tutorial that teach you how to handle it.

This is also true for this game. Good luck!

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Feedback from the judges

Tomasz Wesołowski: "Do you really think the internet was made for cats?" - is that a quick question? :) I liked how the last level actually doesn't require you to connect everything. Too bad it was actually the level where I wanted to try "what if I connect everything?"... Also what kind of person puts an ODD number of triangles in a level? That's just evil!

Giovanny Beltrán: It feels like the hanoi towers.

Jupiter Hadley: Really nice story, I enjoyed the links to life in this game. It's also fun to connect the shapes.