HTML5 and JavaScript Game Development Competition in just 13 kB

Hang by a thread

# How to Play
Reach the goal. Collect hearts for extra points.

- Arrow keys (left/right) to swing back and forth
- "S" to cut your rope
- "Space" to boost upwards
- "Up arrow" to shorten rope

# Lore
You're a lost soul looking for your well deserved rest in piece. Your thread is your lifeline. Use it wisely.

# NEAR and OP Games
Use NEAR to connect to's smart contract (testnet.) Players can unlock new levels by buying NFTs. The levels are integrated in the NFT itself, which means they cannot change! See them in your wallet, re-sell them on, or transfer the NFT to someone else.

Aligning with OP Games because of the NFT integration. I'm also using kontra.js, an open source game engine.

# Arcadian
Players can select cool headwear from a selection of Arcadians. Go to "Bonus Content" and wear a hat!

# Web monetization
Players can unlock extra bonus headgear if they are Coil subscribers.

Categories: desktop, web monetization, decentralized