HTML5 and JavaScript Game Development Competition in just 13 kB

Grim Reaper Dies Too

You are a grim reaper.

You were sent to the world of mortals to take care of ending the lives of the ones for which time has come.

But... There's something off with this world. People who haven't been killed on time seem to be transforming into bloodthirsty demons. Don't you ever try to get close to them in this state!

You'll need some tips on how to survive, so listen:

Try to kill as much people as possible, by just colliding with them.
You can only kill them when their time has come. You'll know it, by looking at their life progress bars above them. When the yellow line reaches a red section of the bar, it's time to harvest.
Avoid people transformed into demons. They can kill you.
The only keys you need are W A S D


NOTE: The game has a very bad support for window resizing during gameplay, so please have that in mind :)

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