HTML5 and JavaScript Game Development Competition in just 13 kB


You’re alone in a graveyard, hounded by armies of the undead. Can you escape death and rescue all of humanity?

Set to 8-bit music, Gravepassing evokes Game Boy aesthetics with a 16x16 base tile grid, downscaled emojis, and dithered lighting for that overall retro vibe.

You can play the game with a keyboard or controller.


Move = [Arrow Keys]
Fire = [Space]
Drop bomb = [X]
Menu = [ESC]

Move = left joystick
Fire = (A)
Drop bomb = (B)
Menu = (Options) / (Menu)

The game should work on any operating system in Chrome / Firefox but it was primarily designed for macOS emojis and looks the best there. It adapts to other platforms too, you can say those are platform-exclusive versions ;)

Written in TypeScript.

Categories: desktop