HTML5 and JavaScript Game Development Competition in just 13 kB


The title says it all: go offline to get some score.

And you can beat you hi score.

And there are 13 silly achievements to unlock.

Have fun :)

Browser support:

Desktop: game tested and works in latest Chrome and Firefox; Safari seems to pretend it's always online which makes the game impossible to play; not tested in IE nor Edge (which in theory supports all APIs in use).

Mobile: game tested on Android in latest Chrome and Firefox, also works in latest iOS Safari. Please note that on mobile getting some of the achievements will require (not to spoil too much) "additional tools".

Categories: desktop, mobile

Feedback from the judges

Mike Cook: A very fun concept, with some good jokes! This is really creative and shows that a good jam entry can be very elegant and simple, and get straight to the point. Well done!

Spartez Team: Very innovative. Nice ideas. Keep on designing games, someday you will bring something spectacular, Nearly all js and css in one html file. You should work on modularisation a bit. Or maybe you were too lazy and just having fun. That's ok too. Some achievments require too much effort. Or maybe I was required to hack them from js console ;P - hard to tell. It would be nice if getting one things solved let to another (not because it was blocked by the game, but because you've learned some concept allowing you to solve them later). It can take years to get thing like this right though...

Diego González: awesome idea!

Anonymous: Very clever. Enjoyed this.

Jimmy Joe McGurl: What a weird and kind of wonderful game! Definitely taking the literal IRL interpretation of the theme which I could appreciate! Loved how it was recognizing every little thing you do inside of the browser. Def added fun to be found here for developers.