HTML5 and JavaScript Game Development Competition in just 13 kB

Go Go Programming Dystopia

Description: you have been recruited by a company to create their web pages. You'll have to combine the correct components and correct colors.
-Player 1:
Movement: WASD
Pick item/Action: X
Drop item: C
-Player 2:
Movement: 8426
Pick item/Action: 5
Drop item: 0

Categories: desktop

Feedback from the experts

Ahmed Khalifa: First of all congratulations on finishing your game for the JS13K. I had trouble to pass the first level. Although I picked the HelloWorld file and moved it to the server. I was unable to advance after that. I was very excited by the idea and the art style picked. I wish I was able to pass that level. I gave the game another pass after I got an idea to try to change the color of the stuff I was carrying and it worked. This is an interesting mechanic but the tutorial was not well designed to help me understand what to do. I am glad I got it, loved introducing different tags and colors but I think they should have different effect not just different parts. Because in the current form it feels like doing the same tasks in different way. May some tags cause your player movement to invert or another have different control scheme or timed ones to add some twist. You could add time pressure and customer and it will start be similar to cook server delicious but in the internet which is fun. Overall great game.

Noël Meudec: This game is about carrying objects around to the right places in the right order. It is visually good, and it is functional, but the core game mechanic is not particularly fun (Note: I played only the first 3 levels, maybe it gets more interesting in later levels). Here are things I would do to improve it: - Have more abilities than just move things around - Add sound (BGM and/or sound effects) - Improve the feeling that we are making a webpage (maybe with a preview of the generated page visible on the screen) Overall, it is technically quite good, but it is lacking some fun. With a few tweaks with the gameplay, this game could become much better. Good job though!