HTML5 and JavaScript Game Development Competition in just 13 kB

Go Back (And Do It Again)

A game where you need to Go Back and remember what you did it and do it again.
Made with a Progressive enhancement design to work on Desktop, mobile/tablet, and VR headsets. (tested with Google Daydream + Pixel 1 / Oculus Quest)
Case Study:

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Feedback from the experts

SĂ©bastien Vandenberghe: This is really good how you were able to make a musical memory game fit with the Theme ! The level of attention you put in the details is also a strong part of your game. I enjoyed playing both in VR and on the desktop. The first rewind sequence was a bit surprising but I wonder how to make not feel like a roller coaster in VR.

Josh Marinacci: This is really polished. I think you should spruce up the sound and release it as a real game.

Fernando Serrano Garcia: Really original concept! I had a lot of fun playing this one. Kudos for making it responsive desktop, vr, and mobile, really well done. In VR I missed other mechanics like pointing directly to the shape or moving instead of pointing to the road and "teleport" there, but overall is a great game and really polished.

Diego González: Memory game taken to the beat saber level! I like the clean UI and the use of music and effects. Kudos for progressive enhancement experience. It's fun, it's elegant, and it adapts.