HTML5 and JavaScript Game Development Competition in just 13 kB

Go Away

# Description

Go Away is a space world card game where you defend worlds from asteroids, planets and various other enemies!

- 4 worlds to defend
- 3 power ups to collect
- 5 unique enemies to destroy
- Web Monetization using Coil unlocks 4x speed in game as well as special 4th world (Death Star) when you have beaten 3rd world (Mars)
- Decentralization using NEAR Protocol, Drand, Flux, IPFS and Pinata

# Decentralization

- Unlock 4x speed in game as well as special 4th world (Death Star) when you're logged in using NEAR Protocol and beaten 3rd world (Mars)
- Using Drand to get initial seed that's used by PRNG algorithm to get random numbers used in card and other game element generation
- Flux -
- IPFS -
- Pinata -

# Credits -

Categories: desktop, mobile, web monetization, decentralized

Feedback from the experts

Sasha Hudzilin: i wish there was a bit of explanation of card game so can quickly learn the mechanics :) Really enjoying playing 1 round, NEAR login didn't work for me for some reason. Also makes me think that we should create "donate with NEAR" app since donation was also one of the main links in the interface :) thank you Martin

Nathan Lie: Really addicting card game that uses randomization well to tempt the player with the chance of victory once the enemy starts bringing out the big guns. The music and sound effects really lend to the addictiveness of the game, and the Web Monetization feature compliments that perfectly. Only suggestion is to make the game less random and give the player a little more agency in the game.

Noël Meudec: I beat the 3 first worlds :-D It is quite a challenging game, I like it. In the 3rd world, I really felt luck played a very important role, more than strategy. There is maybe a slightly better balance to find here. The graphics, controls and music are good. Overall, it is a well made game with more strategy elements than I originally though. Good job!

Ewa Mazur: A very nice implementation of the WM bonus. Coherent, nice graphics. Very good and polished entry.

Tim Sulmone: Really enjoyed the game mechanics and strategy. RNG elements can get seemingly impossible at times. Feature suggestion: A world select button to use while in a current instance/planet for easy replay purposes.

Michelle Mannering: - chiptune music is ace! - monetarisation is cool - NEAR login doesn't work - intuitive game - love the game mechanics

Vlad Grichina: Well done game, however few things can be done better: - decentralized elements feel integrated separately from the game itself vs being native to the game - seems like game is a bit too easy, might need to work more on balance

Johnny Matthews: This game is great! It's a bit confusing at first, and there's no instructions as to what to do. But once you get the hang of it, it's a fairly fun and tactical game! From a decentralized standpoint, the developer has tried absolutely everything to incorporate web3 into this project! I'm incredibly impressed!

Ryan Baumann: Interesting game, found it very challenging. It seems to enable an extra speed if Near is connected, and the website is a flat website so it can be hosted over IPFS. It would be cool to see decentralised tech used for more than serving the game, and verifying an unlock. Has a great feel and aesthetic.

Paul Gadi: Innovative game mechanics, good use of decentralized tech!

Dietrich Ayala: Really nice UI, and login w/ NEAR worked fine, as did loading from IPFS. UI and animations were great and responsive. Overally looks great... but I couldn't figure out the gameplay. A help screen would be rad. Looks like a great implementation w/ pumping planet-saving music and alllll the decentralization features!