HTML5 and JavaScript Game Development Competition in just 13 kB

Glitch torpedo

"Glitch torpedo", my 2016 js13k submission, is a multiplayer sea battle online arcade game, based on Gremlin's "Depthcharge" arcade machine (1977).

Ship commander.
MOVE: LEFT/RIGHT arrows (or A / D keys).
LAUNCH CHARGES: Z and X (or M and N ).
The ship has 5 charges available, reloaded on explosions.
Each submarine sunk scores differently.

Submarine commander does not control movement of subs, but may launch torpedoes from any of them by using number keys (1 to 8). The deepest torpedo launches score more points.
Moreover, Sub player may enter "Silent running" mode by pressing SPACE once per game: the subs will become invisible to the Ship player for a few seconds.

Toggle MUSIC on/off: M key.

When time is over, the best score wins.

Important note: remember that this is and old arcade machine and some undesired bugs or "glitches" may appear occasionally.

Good luck, Captain!

Tested on Firefox, Opera & Chrome. Safari hides subs, don't know why :S

Categories: desktop, server

Feedback from the judges

Jupiter Hadley: This game looked good and played really well. The only issue I had is the top ship has a huge advantage over the subs. If the subs bullets move a bit faster this might be fixed. Even with the larger number of subs in the water, the fact that they could not dodge the bombs from the big ship made it so they were sitting ducks.