HTML5 and JavaScript Game Development Competition in just 13 kB

Get Back Up

Help the egg get back up the tree.

Click/tap and hold or press and hold any key to charge up, then release to jump.

Categories: desktop, mobile

Feedback from the experts

Florian Rival: Nice graphics and game style! Love the music too. The game is surprising difficult. Love that it's not totally randomly based so you can memorize and train to make a better score. Good job!

Anonymous: First of all great job on finishing a game with nice art and music in time and fit it on 13k. I love the art style and the 3D illusions with shadows and everything that the game sells, It is pretty good looking and add some difficulty to the game. My main problem is the randomness of the platforms gaps and the jump height is a guage that is always resting from the beginning which makes it harder to move in the game. That can be easily fixed by making the bar goes up then down and not reseting to zero so small non perfect shift won't cause a huge harm. Another way to solve that is the generation allowing some overlapping betwen the tree branches. Another idea is to transform the whole floor to be like the ground floor as soon as you reach it so it won't add pressure on the player to rejump quickly after reaching but it will solve the shift. Another solution is to allow taps to jump with no bar which make it more of a fast paced jumping game which is fun but might be different from the feeling you are going towards in your game about accuracy and height of the jump to get higher score by higher jumps. Overall, the game looks incredible and very responsive, it is a little punishing than it should in the current version of the game as the gaps sometimes align together so there is no time to make a jump and it is very punishing as all the gaps are aligned for immediate death and not going to a lower level.

Jupiter Hadley: Really nice graphics! The game is simple and cute, but it does feel quite frustrating that the egg charge resets.