HTML5 and JavaScript Game Development Competition in just 13 kB


Adjust your browser's zoom and get prepared for a big journey!

GeoQuiz will get you through 13 levels of increasing difficulty and varying challenges (countries, capitols, famous places, ...).

Sometimes, the fronteers disappear and the maps get reversed!

In each level, you have an error gauge of 30,000km and you have to find 10 different places.

When the name of a place appears, click on the map where you think it is placed before the end of the allowed time (10 seconds).

If you make an error, your error gauge decreases according to your offset.

If you don't answer in the allowed time, you get a 10,000km penalty.

When you finish a level, the remaining km are added to your total score.

If your error gauge gets to zero in a level, the game is over.

Try to have the highest score, and tweet it! (cc. @MaximeEuziere @js13kgames)

Have fun!

Categories: desktop