HTML5 and JavaScript Game Development Competition in just 13 kB

Gears Not Found

A tower defence game.


Buy a tower and place it on the map.
Control all towers with the mouse - towers will automatically shoot at mouse location.
Tower's will lock up after 40.4 seconds, preventing the tower from moving, the tower however will still shoot in the direction it's facing.
Click a tower in between rounds to open up upgrade menu. Click the tower in the middle of the round to reset the tower's timer.


Enemies will follow the highlighted path.

Enemies will take the shortest path to the end goal.
If there is no valid path, the enemies will break through towers to reach the goal.

There is a bonus round every 10 levels - defeat the bonus enemy to get cash/life bonuses. The amount of bonus you get is based on the damage done. The tower's timer will not decrease during bonus rounds. No lives can be lost on bonus rounds.

Categories: desktop

Feedback from the experts

Ahmed Khalifa: Congratulations on finishing an entry to JS13k, I like the new twist idea on the genre. The freezing/unfreezing the tower is an interesting concept but I think you should be more generous like also upgrade will heal too and in that case, you could lower the unlock money cost. You need a lot of balancing and figuring some bugs as right now if the boss passes by I get more money and health than I had before. Another interesting idea that will make use of ur idea of unfreezing and freezing the towers at certain angle is friendly fire. If each tower can destroy the other towers by its attack then the player will care more about unlocking them and changing their direction and freezing them. Maybe the freeze and unfreeze is an ability like dugenon keepers where you can control one of your minion and walk around your dungeon. Overall great concept and I encourage you to see what other mechanics that can be combined well with the idea of freezing and unfreezing towers. Great job.

Noël Meudec: This game is a basic tower defense with simple graphics. It is super easy to understand and the original game mechanic (freeze the position of the towers after 40.4 seconds) is a cool twist. Here are a few things I would suggest to improve the game: - A background music and better sound effects (or more variety) - Add a background image (maybe a randomly generated pattern, stars, anything) - Add a few more visual effects to please the eyes - Change the color of the towers that were upgraded - After upgrading a tower, I couldn't use my points to increase power/speed: is it by design? Overall, it is a good start. The core mechanic is fun and it has potential to become a good game.