HTML5 and JavaScript Game Development Competition in just 13 kB


Fortifia is a game all about defending the crown of your kingdom! Lay bricks Tetris-style (use A, S, and D) to build up defenses around the crown. Extra bricks can be placed by holding SHIFT and background bricks can be placed by holding SPACE. Waves of armies will appear to fend off and crush with your bricks. The crown is in your hands. Save the kingdom!


I found out about the jam a few days before the due date (I forgot to mark my calendar, go figure :D). I didn't have time at all to polish it (enemies can attack backwards, though a pretty cool super power, wasn't necessarily what I was going for). I think the concept is great and would really like to release a more complete update to it at some point if possible. It was a fun concept game to put together!

Categories: unfinished