HTML5 and JavaScript Game Development Competition in just 13 kB

Flight Back Home

Watch the outbound route of the plane then complete the route back home by tapping on the correct cells in order including the final landing. Be warned if you go off course your plane will crash.

When ready for the return trip tap/click on the hex grid to move the plane around. Tap on the flags at the top of the page to be reminded of the route. If you go off course and crash tap or click to try again.

This entry uses kontra, jk13K starter Pack, non transpiled ES6, Native dialogs, CSS3 animations and flexbox. I has been test to work on the latest Chrome (desktop and mobile) and Firefox browsers.


* Story Mode
* 3 Lifes
* 3 Rewinds
* Every 3rd level the route grows by one
* Every 10th level you get an extra life
* Free Play Mode
* Select number of sectors
* Select number of lives
* Select number of rewinds
* Share score on twitter
* Sound effects

Categories: desktop, mobile

Feedback from the experts

Christer Kaitila: I really love hexagons, so I was immediately excited to play. The airplane sprite is so cute, nice work. This would the a great start to a more complex strategy game! Imagine if there was terrain like mountins and aa-guns that were there mostly to give the world some interest, perhaps avoided by the initial route? What if we were a delivery service, dropping off packages from customers to the depot and back, or dropping off relieve supplies to needy people on the ground! I'd have loved to see the hexes full of little cities or trees or people, but even as is, this simple little memory game is so polished and nice I really enjoyed it.

Anonymous: Good job - It's way to hard, especially on Friday afternoon ;) - I love how polished both the game play and art feels - very rich in content for a 13kb game Suggestions (although the game functions like a charm) - Maybe add keyboard controls for desktop play - You could make add different modes and include planes with different abilities